What do we offer?

Massage therapy

Escape you busy schedule and lifestyle for an hour of relaxation and complete pampering. We cater to all your needs with our massage therapy, if you don’t want to use aromatherapy oils we also specialize in Thai massage.With the professional experience and certified skill our therapists has about massage, Tim Bodycare managed to secure great skills in massaging the best health benefits to you. The highly qualified therapists will managed to give you services which will give stress relief and Pain management. We use our own special massage oils which are all designed for different purposes and scents with different types of feelings in order to give you the ultimate massage experience.

Body massage

Our Body massage involves massaging the entire body. This includes the following:-
Head Massage
Effective to drain away headache, relieve migraine, provides massage to the face and temple.
Head, Neck and Shoulder
This massage may be done at a desk, in a specialized massage chair, or on a office chair. This 10min head, neck and shoulder massage at your desk can refresh and invigorate to last the rest of the day and perhaps the rest of the week. The longer the massage, the longer the effectiveness and the fewer visits will be needed

Apply deep, relaxing compression to your body through your bare foot. It is effective for full body relaxation, and some find the deep work more tolerable than traditional western deep tissue massage because of the even pressure applied by the therapist’s thumbs

Sport Injuries
Helps drain away fatigue, relieve swelling, reduce muscle tension, promote flexibility and prevent injuries.

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