True friends will share all the good things in life and of course they will share bad things with you. But true friends will always be there for you no matter when or where you need them. Let’s be friend shall we?? Here I am going to share a success story of a man.

This is a true story of a taxi driver, everyday he has to drive 8 hours and his average income is around MYR1500 – MYR2000. He is not satisfied with the income as he think he deserve better than that. He look for a lot alternative to earn more side income and finally he saw an way out. He saw his customers complaining the tiredness of long rides of airplanes, tiredness of work and so on. So he think why not use massage service and gain some extra income. He learnt massage and put it into practice. He take 3 hours of his time per day to give massage to his customer, per hour he charge MYR50, 1 month he earn extra income of MYR3,600.

15 months later, he decided to stop working as a taxi driver and rented a massage room, and averagely he massaged 5 customers per day and he charge per customer MYR50. Lets calculate the his income right now.
MYR50 x 5 customers x 24 days = MYR6,000

8 months later, he joint venture with his friend and start his own Massage Business Center. In his company he has 5 workers. With the assumption of 5 customers per day for each worker. Now lets see how much he is earning with his new company
MYR50 x 5 customers x 5 workers x 24 days = MYR30,000

But he need to pay his workers, so lets assume he give commision at 50%
Monthly income = MYR15,000

Massage is a culture that is getting more acceptable in Malaysia. Getting rich from giving service of massage is a new trend of getting rich.So you see his success story, would you want to be as successful as him doing massage service? if YES contact TIM BodyCare NOW!!!!

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