Normally massage Therapy while pregnant can provide relief from swelling and cramping in the legs, anxiety, back pain and the stress pregnancy takes on the entire body. Mothers-to-be often report better sleep and less aches and pains.

Well massage therapy during pregnancy, when received throughout the entire nine months, it can help to reduce active labor and delivery time by 20-25%.

If want improving muscle tone, and helping tight muscles to relax ,and easing anxiety, massage therapy is actually preparing your body for labor. As you relax and release those tense muscles, you are conditioning your body for birthing.

Most studies have proven that massage during pregnancy provides less painful labor and can reduce labor time, complications, and the amount of narcotics needed for pain.

When increasing circulation and blood flow, massage can bring more vitamins, nutrients and minerals to your body, and to your baby’s body, making him/her healthier.

Benefits of massage during pregnancy:
-To reduce swelling and edema in the hands, feet and ankles
-To reduces labor and delivery time
-To helps to condition muscles and increase flexibility
-To increases blood circulation and helps the body eliminate waste
-To improves sleep patterns
– To decreases anxiety
-To boosts immune system function
-To reduces muscle pain, tension and cramping


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