What If we all learned to be more intimacy?

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Father Day is just around the corner on this 19 June. How do you declare your love on this special day?  Giving a nice suitable gift for him? Or taking a special dinner with him and give him the most surprised Father Day?

“Ding Dong. Special Delivery! A new updated LCD television comes for you!” —Last year

“Ding Dong. A new sofa sets delivery!”—This year

For a few years, this father gets a lot of gifts and tastes a lot of dishes especially from his child. In other people eyes’, he is the most happiness father because he has a filial and rich son. However, he is not happy. Because his lovely son only turns on few times a year due to his heavy works.

In fact, what our parent primary need is not the luxury but actually is the caring and intimacy from the children. They would like to see you every day and help you handle every daily works. In their eyes’, you are still a child, the forever young child though you are all grown now. You are the one they love you so much.

Love cannot be measured in term of money. Get closer to your parents now instead of giving them money. Understand what their actual need. Get Intimacy with your parents.  Call them for chatting few minutes one day, Caring their health as well. They take care of you since you are small. Now is your turn to take care of them.

Muscle Pain

Your parents now are kept aging. They are easily suffered from muscle pain and always neglected in explaining the cause or nature of their pain. And as a child, maybe you will think that pain is very common for old people since it is natural with aging. However, these views are wrong. There is almost always a real problem behind pain.

Arthritis is the most common cause of pain among the aged people above 65 years old. And the circulatory problems, shingles and other type of nerve damage are also the common reasons for pain in older people. When they are suffered from pain, they will lose the ability to move around and do everyday activities. Not easily to get sleep, fail to develop a good image, experience “bad moods” they have to suffer every day. In addition, they maybe at greater risk for falls, weight loss, poor concentration and difficulties with relationships.

Non-Medication Strategies for Pain Relief

Help them improve from pain with treatment that usually consists of a combination of medicine and non-medicine strategies! You can try first with the treatments such as physical therapy, massage and relaxation. It is because Massage therapy is part of the physiotherapy practice of applying pressure or vibration to the soft tissues of the body, including muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, and joints. It can be applied to parts of the body or successively to the whole body, to relieve psychological stress, manage pains, improve circulation and relieve tension.

Care and believe the person you are caring for every day. We have to learn to be closer with them and take care of their health. If we all learned to be more intimacy, the world will not having the lonely parents.

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Massage Make you Feel Better?

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Now this, massage therapy is among the most popular complementary and medical treatments for anxiety. But this is trial to assess how effective massage is for patients with generalized anxiety disorder.

In the research show that the trial randomly assigned 68 Group Health patients with generalized anxiety disorder to 10 one-hour sessions in pleasant, relaxing environments, each presided over by a licensed massage therapists who delivered either massage or one of two control treatments:
• Relaxation therapy to breathing those deeply while lying down
• Thermotherapy who will having arms and legs wrapped intermittently with heating pads and warm towels

All these treatments were provided while lying down on a massage table in a softly lighted room with quiet music. All participants will received a handout on practicing deep breathing daily at home. Unlike the two control treatments, massage was specifically designed to enhance the function of the parasympathetic nervous system and relieve symptoms of anxiety including muscle tension.

Using a standard rating scale in interviews, the researchers asked the patients about the psychological and physical effects of their anxiety right after the 12-week treatment period ended and three months later

All these of the groups reported that their symptoms of anxiety had decreased by about 40 percent by the end of treatment—and by about 50 percent three months later. In addition to the decline in anxiety, those patients also reported fewer symptoms of depression and less worry and disability. In the research team is detected that no differences among the those groups; but the trial did not include a control group that got no treatment at all.

Massage Make you Feel Better?
Maybe you will confusing that wherether it is physical or psychological? Is it was was it the physical response to being the recipient of touch, or was it the psychological response? Or it perhaps it was both? How can a massage to change our chemical make-up? We know that touch is a matter of survival for the human species.

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