Learn How to Massage?

We will train you in:

Royal Thai Massage:

This deep tissue massage technique will stimulate your customer’s CHI (QI) elements & blood circulation. You must apply pressure with your fingers, elbows, knees & feet. The customer’s well-being is renewed by rhythmically working along the VITAL ENERGY POINTS.

Aromatherapy Massage:

This is one of the best stress reducing skill. It revitalizes the skin, relives muscles stiffness & regenerates the metabolism. You will help your customer attained peace of mind with the aid of your talented hands and a dose of 100% HALAL OIL.

Sports recovery treatment:

After exercising, sports men and sports women carve an immediate therapeutic massage to restore their energy. You will apply the physiotherapy techniques of joints stretches & muscle relaxation with the purpose of reducing your customer’s level of lactic acid after a session at the gym or a personal workout.

Ministry of Health (MOH) Requirement*:

Graduates who wish to practice massage therapy in Malaysia are required to register with the Ministry of Health Traditional & Complimentary Medicine Division.


Benefits you will get:

§  International Certified Teachers

§  Learn Treatment Massage

§  Improve Health Knowledge

§  Better Relationship

§  Earn Extra Income

§  Enjoyable & Relaxing Time


We GURANTEE you will earn back 100% of the training fees after your training; you can work 100 hours of full/part time with us or join our franchise business. HOW? Please feel free to contact us at and find out about our offers in detail.

Office: 037960018

Fax: 0379600060


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