Do you know, at each part of foot section represent every organ in the human body. Such as, at home, every light have their own a switch. It same also in our body organs have their switches respectively located in the feet, hands and ears. Reflexology promised to assist in recovery of various diseases which is good for our health.

The connecting point with the body’s organs the wire / fiber nerve. In time the organ is lit, wired / nerve that connects points respectively this will drain the energy of the organs like electric wire. With the electric energy, it will break all the wind or dirt that is in the vein the nerve and it will also stimulate the nerves to become active.

When, the nerves are in good condition. Than healthy blood can flow well to the parts of the body’s organs and organ will be healthy.This is where reflexology massage function important where it stimulates the body organs to dull lifeless organs was conscious and awake.

If we think there is a lump in our footsteps, It is a warning that our health in danger. Lump in  bodies which are at our feet or in other words in the reflexology points, has given us an indication that the switch organs and mounds were covered with moss.

Actually, reflexology massage can be done by hand, wood, buffalo horn, plastic and other more There are many opinions on how to perform massage reflexology. Remember that if your feet pain when stepped on something, your health could be in danger. Visit a professional reflexologist, the reflexology massage treatment might relieve your pain and identify which part of your organ not well enough. With consistent Foot treatment, feet will feel with less pain, it has marked a person’s health is improving.

Traditional reflexology the ideal is 30 minutes. Get a reflexology massage treatment from practitioners of reflexology massage reflexology massage expert. Tim Bodycare Training Academy provide up to ISO 9000 International Standard Reflexology certificate and micro franchise scheme offered by KPDNKK, If you wish to learn or start your franchise reflexology business. contact us 0193323038, visit