Everybody have their own style way of doing business. What the way you can find for doing business in profit? Have you seen advertisements offering you hundreds of ways to grow your massage business? Which type of business is profitable for future?    What are the most cost effective and efficient things to do first?

Here is how to clear it up. The simple truth is there are only three ways to grow your business.

  1. Increase the number of new clients.
  2. Increase the number of times your current clients return.
  3. Increase how much your clients spend each time.

Now this, in my research I found that massage business can shortly earning back your money in short term period. Beside most of the massage centre just have services depend on other. So in internet, normally we can found massage business they just provide the services only. The different between massage business and  timbodycare is  because timbodycare have included few types to their own training centre which is service, training and franchise which you can less seein Malaysian market. Well, timbodycare also have offer the guarantee 100% which that timbodycare guarantee you will earn back the fees after the training; you can work 100 hours of full/part time with us or join our franchise business.

This is the best idea because they have considerate those student who come learn sure they will face the financial problem which timbodycare come out the idea of 100% guarantee to claim back your money too.  

While, when you want setup a company you need to have some creativity which like timbodycare have their own idea for running up your own business. And the main point is when you want to running a business,

1) You have to think twice that which type of business is earning and less people running the business.

2) Should always have your own style of product to running your business.    

3) Should always think to add up new thing in your business.

4) Should always do competitor research.

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