Normally Father’s day is a celebration to thank  and praise your father. While we are as children, ours dad giving enough love and care to us, and building your life and for many things. So father’s day is celebrated in more than sixty countries all over the world. All people over the world pay respect to the concept of fatherhood.

The culture of celebrating it has changed with the passage of time. The people invented many techniques to celebrate it. Celebrating it by giving several Gifts for Fathers is the most adequate option to bring smile on the face of your dad.

Tips for surprising your DAD!

Surprise Your DAD with a special gift

A gift that your dad expects the least from you, can give him a good surprise. If your dad loves sports, you can buy tickets to his favorite sporting event and give him as a gift. If you have the budget, buy him a brand new cellphone. Preferably, a business phone like a blackberry . If your dad surfs the net too often, it will enable him to get in touch with his friends in “real time”. All he needs then is to download software such as Yahoo messenger or Skype, get a screen name and plug into the usb port. You can do this for your dad and show him the way.

Do His Chores

Father’s Day is to give your dad a little joy and are we not all happy when we find our workload reduced? Take up some his jobs and let your dad rest a little. Mow the grass in the lawn for him or make a trip to the grocery store and buy the items needed in the house. Wash his car, scrub the exterior and vacuum the interior. Fill the tank using some bucks out of your own pocket. Buy his medicines before he does and hand them to him. Your dad will love this gesture and you will be surprised at what an immense pleasure and satisfaction it gives you to be of help to him.

A Musical Surprise

If you’re good at playing some musical instrument, you can play some dad’s favourite songs by yourself and you can directly give him a nice musical surprise. While you don’t know music instrument but you have a good voice,  so you can record the songs he likes in your own voice, make a CD and gift it to him to listen to. You can also write a song dedicated to him and add it to the list for further effect.

Prepare His Favourite Dishes

Father’s Day is the perfect time to cook up some real delicacies for your papa. Bake a cake or cookies, prepare a smoothie, cook a brunch recipe, or giving a wonderful dinner to give your papa a nice Father’s Day treat. It may make the occasion so much flavorful for him as well as for you.

Try to learn massage technique

Before father’s day you may try find some Massage training centre to learn the technique so you may give your father a surprise and you may touching your father heart. While after that you also may have a skill for finding job, so you may say that having twice benefited too. 

If you wanted to learning massage, take this opportunity before father’s day to contact us(TimBodyCare) to learn massage an surprise your father . We provide you a professional course and advance courses.

Professional course:

–       Full body massage course

–       Royal Thai massage and Swedish massage

–       Hand + Foot Reflexology Course

–       Aromatherapy Massage Course

Advanced Course:

–       Sport injuries Massage

–       Pre and Post Natal Massage

–       Female Health Massage

–       Male Health Massage

–       Spa & Facial Massage

–       Senior Citizen Massage

–       Lymphatic Drainage, Detox Massage

–       Traditional Malay massage

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