Still dreaming about being rich? wake up and start doing something to start earning some side income. Many things can be done to get some side income, there are easy ways and difficult ways. Now many people are going the hard way, they work part time at their off office hour, working as bar tender, restaurant waiter/waitress and so on. All there kind of work is legal but how much side income it can give you?

What about starting a business you might be thinking. Depending on what kind of business that you will be doing. Starting a business will always have a risk, it might give you profit and it might bring lost to you. But here the trick, do you know that there is a business that almost guarantee you 90% profit? Ever heard massage as a business? All you need is a certificate that is being recognised by the government and there you can start your business and earn your side income.

Now you must be wondering where to get a certificate like that to start your business? You can always search for a massage school to learn massage, but please be aware that you need to check whether the certificate they give is recognised by the government, and you will need to apply for business licences and so on which is quite troublesome.

But there is another easier way to do business which is doing a franchise business with a massage company such as Tim BodyCare. To start a franchise business, you need to have a therapist certificate and other licences will be taken care by the franchiser.

Massage business is going to be a greate way to start putting side income into your pocket. What you waiting for? Contact Tim BodyCare for more information!!!

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Tim BodyCare( is massage school in Malaysia that offer
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BodyCare is the most reputable and the leading National Massage Training School
with Certificate Course in international recommendation.