10 favorite massage tips

Learned massage but your customer/patient still unsatisfied with the result? Here I am to share 10 tips that will guide you to a group of happier customers/patients.

Tip 1:     the person being massaged must be at his/her most comfortable state. Try few ways to make them comfortable such as playing soft music, silence all phone and etc.

Tip2:      the use of essential oils. When oils are being put on the skin, it will reduce pulling of skin and hairs during massage session. Make sure to put the oil on palm and rub it against both hand to warm up the oil so that it is not so cold for the person being massaged

Tip3:      the dancing of the candle light often helps people to relax during massage session. Try light some candle.

Tip4:      room temperature is very essential. Make sure the room is in a suitable temperature so that the person being massaged won’t feel too hot or too cold.

Tip5:      always start with the back. Often people find out that when a massage session is being started from the back feel more relax than starting anywhere else.

Tip6:      vary your stroke

Tip7:      vary the pressure and speed of your massage

Tip8:      after a massage session, make sure that the person that had been massage remain in a  relax stage and don’t rush them out the door and this will reduce the effect of the massage

Tip9:      Drinking a lot of water after a massage session so that the body can release the toxin out of the body

Tip10:    try to suggest your client to take a comfortable bath after getting a massage as this is another way to continue relaxation.

If you follow all the tips you will get happy customers walking out of your center.


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