Having headache on what to do with your empty property? The secret that I am going to share with you has yet to stand out, and it might not seems to work but it did. The big secret is to start a franchise message & spa center with Tim Bodycare Training Center. It guaranties your money back after your training at Tim BodycareTim Bodycare offer professional certificate training in:

  1. Royal Thai Massage
  2. Aromatherapy Massage
  3. Sport Recovery Treatment

Tim bodycare training center meet the ministry of domestic trade (MDTC) and the minister of human resource(MOHR). Requirement in other word it is legal in Malaysia. The certificate is also recognized internationally. After you graduate from Tim Bodycare, you can start your own business at your property or you can start a franchise with Tim Bodycare. To start changing your dusty property to a money making property, call Tim Bodycare Training Center at 03-7960 0018/ 019-3323038

Timbodycare No.2, 1st floor, Section 8-1E, 46050 Petaling Jaya Visit our website at http://www.massage.com.my/ or contact us by 03-7960 0018/ 019-3323038.


Tim BodyCare(massage.com.my) is massage school in Malaysia that offer international-standard ISO 9000 teachings and services for massage and spa. Tim BodyCare is the most reputable and the leading National Massage Training School with Certificate Course in international