Ever have someone that you love and care? Your parents? Your wife? Your children? Why not surprise them with a good massage? There are various kind of massage that is available in the world, a few technique can be learn and be put into good practice to your family and friends.

Figure1: Sport Injury Massage

Young children are always actively running around, playing sports. They are not excepted from sport injuries. You can give your children a sport injury massage to release tension build on the muscle and restoring the balance to the musculoskeletal (skeleton and muscle coordination) system. The musculoskeletal imbalance may start develop and often cannot be detect until it is serious enough to cause discomfort. Sport injury massage will help reduces the chances of getting injury.

Figure 2: Prenatal Massage

Almost it’s every guys dream to have children of their own, but do you know carrying a baby is really hard and stressful? The prenatal massage will give maximum comfort, safety and specially needs for an expected mother. Stress of physical, psychological, spiritual and social changes are often related to expected mother but massage will help reduce all these effects. We all know that after giving birth, the body shape of a women will definitely…you know what happen. But YOU can return her body shape with a simple postnatal massage.  Your wife would LOVE you more!

Figure 3: Effect of postnatal massage

These are only two massage technique but imagine what you can do if you learn the full courses that is available? How many friends and family you can help them distress? And maybe you can start your own business with the knowledge you have?


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