Sceret of having Better Goodnight

How much you’re sleeping a day? Sleep is a valuable and restorative resource that’s vital to wellbeing and stress management, but can sometimes be hard to come by for the busy and stressed. Timbodycare training centre have providing professional therapists which can massage the sensitive part and fulfill customer need. When you receiving a one hour massage is the same as getting a full night’s sleep of eight hours. No wonder people feel so refreshed, and relaxed after receiving a massage. T

Can Massage Help Me Sleep?

Massage will help you having a better sleep! When your child couldn’t sleep, what would you do? Let me tell my secret that,you would probably stroke his or her head or rub their back because massage is a natural and instinctive way to soothe and relax. Maybe you can do a self-massage or use massaging tools to relieve tension. When you  having a massage before bed it directly can loosen stress in your body, relax you, and make sleep come more easily.


Timbodycare training centre have provide certificate international-standard ISO 9000 which approve by government and having teachings and services for massage and spa which have massage school in Malaysia and providing  professional and advance courses which is:

Professional course:

–       Full body course

–       Royal Thai massage and Swedish massage

–       Hand + Foot Reflexology Course

–       Aromatherapy Massage Course

Advanced Course:

–       Sport injuries Massage

–       Pre and Post Natal Massage

–       Female Health Massage

–       Male Health Massage

–       Spa & Facial Massage

–       Senior Citizen Massage

–       Lymphatic Drainage, Detox Massage

–       Traditional Malay massage

Well, most of those international students from 26 different countries have come to learn massage therapy in timbodycare and manage to find employment in their home country.

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Tim BodyCare( is massage school in Malaysia that offer international-standard ISO 9000 teachings and services for massage and spa. Tim BodyCare is the most reputable and the leading National Massage Training School with Certificate Course in international