Nowadays, if you ask someone how work and life style was? What is their normal reaction and response? They will straightforwardly give you an answer without hesitation: “busy, hectic life” and denote that endless jobs are heading toward them every day.

Being busy is not the only life style for us since we are not to be busy on this earth. In a meanwhile surrounding with busy social life, we also have to learn how to take a break and rest to balance between both.

Tim BodyCare, dedicates to providing massage therapy and great phsio-therapy to you. It is part of the physiotherapy practice of applying pressure or vibration to the soft tissues of the body, including muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, and joints.

Tim Bodycare therapists know when its done right, a relaxed, relieved massage service will let you enjoy the peaceful moment to release the stress, after one day tiring tasks and journeys. With Tim Bodycare services, you are guaranteed 100% to have a complete fulfilling relaxation experience.

A variety of massage service including:
• massage therapy
• body massage
• head massage
• head, neck and shoulder massage
• foot reflexology
• sport injuries

Currently, you can enjoy our package promotion. Don’t hesitate your time to drop by us or visit our website to get the further information. Find a peace in a busy life. You have the rights to rest.

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Tim BodyCare( is massage school in Malaysia that offer international-standard ISO 9000 teachings and services for massage and spa. Tim BodyCare is the most reputable and the leading National Massage Training School with Certificate Course in international