Usually Massage therapy is a good medicine, and it’s a far more potent healing therapy than most people realize. In fact, I believe that every person, healthy or otherwise, should receive a massage therapy treatment at least once a month.

So you have many questions mark about “Why is massage therapy such good medicine?” , because it helps move lymph, blood and oxygen to the various organs and tissues in ways that normally don’t happen in the bodies of most people. This will especially true for those who don’t exercise: for them, massage therapy is critical for maintaining any degree of health.

There’s also for the “touch factor” of massage therapy ,and I believe that it will remarkably the healing. There’s something almost magical about the human touch, and its qualities can’t be measured with scientific instruments but in those researchers know very well that it has powerful physiological effects. It will reduces those blood pressure, to boost immune system function, and it will makes people feel loved. These important for those whom seeking health and healing.

The human touch is powerful medicine, which is why I find it so bizarre that doctors seem so afraid of touching their patients. But you don’t need a doctor for this kind of healing: find yourself a good massage therapist and get some healing on a monthly basis

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