We are the leading Certificated Massage Training School in Asia. Since 2007, all our students graduated with Certificate carried International Standard ISO9001 upon completion of the course. Issued by United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS) of Quality Management System in provision of physical therapy training for aromatherapy, royal thai massage and reflexology. And happily earning UK₤, US$ AUS$ +Arab emirates Dirham etc.

Students get professional Massage Courses, which is recognized internationally and Malaysia. The graduates get the ministry of human resource’s Department of Skills and Development Malaysia certified training centre for SKM-SLDN programs.

Ministry of domestic trade, co-operative & consumerism certified Franchise System, PNS has been actively promoting our franchise system to bumiputra and non-bumiputra.

In fact, during 2010-2011, MATRADE sponsored 50% of expenses when our graduates export massage services, training and franchise system to oversea markets. Mainly exporting to UAE, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, China and Australia.

MOH is soon looking at making massage and reflexology in Malaysia more professional
by asking for all practicing masseurs nationalwide to be certified in formal massage education before they renew their massage premise license. For registration, check with MOH’s certified professional association; Malaysia Society of Complementary Medicine(MSCM).

You see, proper documentation will be needed to apply or renew massage licenses with local councils. MPPJ, DBKL Malaysia have been actively sponsoring Tim Bodycare massage and reflexology vocational skill certificates for single mothers and low income families since 2008.

Our Certificate Massage Course offered by our school includes:

Under full body massage course, we have Royal Thai massage and Swedish massage. All
our trainers are internationally trained.

For the Basic massage, we stress on giving health to the therapist and the receiver
when doing the massage. The therapist should position their body properly so they don’t
strain their body during the massage, we also teach people to use their weight and body
mechanic to do massage so they are using less body strength and can last for a longer
time. Anyone could do the massage we teach, some of our students are retiree or very
small size girls, the massage we teach uses body mechanic rather than body strength.

Myth: Massage should be no pain no gain.

For the receiver of the massage, they should be feeling a better wellbeing after getting a
massage, however if they are experiencing extreme pain, discomfort or bruises after the
massage, they should seek medical supervision or go to a certified therapist next time.

Massage shouldn’t be performed on bone as it will only induce pain with no benefits.
Massage main benefit is to soft tissues, especially those with more blood flow like the

Reflexology Course

Reflexology assessment takes place as stress cues are evaluated. Stress cues are parts
of the foot or hand that shows adaptation to stress. Adaptation is shown by visual
signs such as callousing, knobby toes or bunion. Indications of stress are also seen
as sensitivity to technique application or touch signs perceived by the reflexologist as
technique is applied.

The assessment of such stress cues allows the reflexologist to target areas of stress and
to design a session of pressure technique application appropriate to provide relaxation
specific to the individual.

Myth: Reflexology should be painful all the time especially if we have organs which
are not in perfect order. When hard pressure is used for reflex, it would be painful
regardless of the health of the organ. The pressure applied should be appropriate to
detect the correct health of the body. We also advice our students to always watch out
for receivers’ facial expression to prevent inflicting too much negative pressure.

Sports Injury Massage?

Sports Massage is a special form of massage and is typically used before, during, and
after athletic events. The purpose of the massage is to prepare the athlete for peak
performance, to drain away fatigue, to promote healing from injuries, to reduce muscle
tension, to promote flexibility and to prevent injuries.

We teach therapist how to detect variations or lactic acid in the soft tissues and help
restore a person in a healthier physical state.

Massage, applied skilfully, is the most effective therapy for releasing muscle tension and
restoring. With sport injury massage, the main direction of flow is always towards the
heart as not so clean blood (deoxygenated blood) are pushed to the heart via massaging
the veins to encourage more oxygenated blood to be pushed from the heart to the

Myth: In Malaysia, many people go find a “sensai” for a massage of their sprained ankle
or pulled muscles. However, that is the wrong thing to do, as if an injury is recently
occurred, blood vessels would have broken and the main purpose of massage is to
improve blood circulation. It will draw more blood via the broken bld vessels to that
region and cause the swelling to be worse.

Massage is good for post injury for facilitate faster and better healing, the magic is in the
timing of executing the massage.

Senior Citizen Massage

In the case of senior citizens, there are a number of benefits that be derived from
therapeutic massage. According to the Touch Research Institute, it is extremely useful in
the treatment of Alzheimer’s patients, as it can facilitate relaxation and communication.
In the case of arthritis sufferers, it can greatly assist in pain management and help
increase range of motion. It also triggers natural joint lubrication, which is extremely
important for those suffering from arthritis.
Massage therapy has also shown promise by helping to increase strength and muscle
coordination. It can also greatly improve one’s posture by reducing muscle tension,
which has the added benefit of assisting seniors with a higher quality of rest. Massage
has also been known to boost one’s natural energy levels, along with their mental
awareness. Study after study has shown that there is a place for massage therapy within
the health care community.

For Senior citizen massage our strokes are unlike for others, we pull the blood from
the heart to the limbs, as a person ages, all their organ ages and the heart becomes
weaker in pumping blood to the limbs, hence you see the discolouration of the hands
and feet and the dryness of the skin. We will also use lotion to moisturise the skin, lotion
normally would not be chosen as the massage oil used for young people as it is easily
absorbed into the skin and makes a massage disruptive.

Aging also comes with more aches, pain and stiffness, massage is mainly to improve
blood circulation and reduce muscle tenseness. Many of our students are children of
elderly parents, they learn to help alleviate their parents’ health and some to do charity
for old folks home.

Myth: We shouldn’t be using too much pressure point massage on senior citizen as they

are more prone to osteoporosis and hence have more brittle bones. If we apply too
much pressure, we could cause some harm to the bones.

Pre and post natal massage

Pre natal massage can ease the physical discomforts, stress, and anxiety many women
experience during pregnancy. It can help reduce edema in the extremities, improve
circulation and reduce spasms in tight overworked muscles, improve posture and restful
sleep, increase relaxation, and help women feel nurtured

Post natal massage focuses on helping to restore the woman’s body to its pre-pregnancy
condition. This therapy plays a very vital role in the restoration of the abdominal muscle
wall and the uterus to its normal state. It helps to realign the body weight to its original
distribution, and tones the over-stretched areas of skin over the belly.

Myth: Pregnant women should not go to a none certified therapists for massage,
during pregnancy, a hormone called relaxin is released into the body during and post
pregnancy. To relax the joints to accommodate the new baby. During this period the
joints are less stable, it is important to massage the right way so we do not hurt the
mother or the baby.

4.) How long will the training to master these advanced massage technique will take

It would take at least 30 hours to master a certified course. Our school emphasize
that the person learning the massage must practice as much as possible. The more
they practice the better their hands will be. In class, after the trainer has shown the
techniques, the students are partnered off and they will give and receive the massage
from their partnered student hence they get to feel and do the technique.

5.) Would you please share your background with me? (Age, qualification, education
background, number of years as physiotherapy, number of years as massage trainer)

I am 39 this year and studied and worked in Australia as a physiotherapist. Graduated
from Curtin University of Western Australia in 1995, have practiced in Australia as
a physiotherapist in Royal Perth Hospital and Freemantle hospital and practiced in
Gleneagles , Ampang Malaysia. I have been a Massage trainer for the last 10 years.

I have a passion for massage because most people have some slight skeletal
misalignment. Mine is my left leg is longer than my right leg, causing my leg muscles
and longer back muscles more tenseness due to the imbalance of use. I manage my
body with massages to prevent any injuries and to relieve aches.

Tim Body Care: http://www.massage.com.my or tel: 03-7960 0018