Normally those back, neck and shoulder pain is the natural result of prolonged sitting at work behind a computer, as is really bad posture. In the research that i searching,bad posture will cause headaches and excessive tension in neck, shoulders, arms, forearms, wrists, back, hips, thighs and legs. Well it is increased fatigue to the muscles and ligaments supporting the lower back and this can eventually lead to tissue injury and spinal joint dysfunction. Avoid these problems by posture correction, exercise and correct use of equipment.

Those symptoms of back problems will due to excessive computer use include:

* Back and neck soft tissue inflammation
* Back and neck muscle spasm and pain
* Referred pain to buttocks and thighs or up the spine
* Back, neck and shoulder pain on movement and involvement of other muscles as a reaction

1)You should not slouch in front of the computer or lie in bed and work on a laptop.

2)You should not work for hours in front of a computer without breaks.

3)You have to avoid taking pain or anti-inflammatory medication when in pain from using a computer. This will serve to mask the symptoms but can lead to serious injury or permanent nerve damage in the long term.

4)You should not ignore back twinges and back pain, hoping that the problem will resolve itself.

5)You should not sit on one leg or sit with legs crossed as this causes additional strain to the back.

6)You should buy an ergonomic keyboard and mouse and ensure that the height is adjusted appropriately

7)You should not perch a laptop on the lap and stare down at the screen – this places extra strain on the neck, spine and arms.

8)You have a break for every hour and do stretching exercises like neck rolls, chin tucks, cupping head in hands behind the head and extension exercises.

9) Massage can reduce your pain when you are hurting

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