Massage technique
Those practitioner will controls several variables of massage.Well the actual application of treatment includes rhythm, rate, pressure, direction, and duration.

Mostly, massage will approaches to involve a friction-reducing medium, so that the hands of the practitioner move along the patient’s skin with minimal friction. Powders or oils often are used. Normally massage strokes should also be regular and cyclic.

Those amount of pressure depends upon technique and desired results. and light pressure may produce relaxation and relative sedation and may decrease spasm; breakdown of adhesions and intervention at a deeper tissue level may require heavier pressure. Treatment of edema and stretching of connective tissue generally requires intermediate amounts of pressure. As you know, direction of massage often is centripetal to provide better mobilization of fluids toward the central circulation. The sequence of tissues treated often is performed in a centripetal fashion.

When you have a muscles are treated, those motions generally are kept parallel to muscle fibers. Well the treatment goal is to reduce adhesions, shearing forces are circular or at least include cross-fiber components. Those area to be treated with massage depends upon the condition being treated and may vary from a well-circumscribed area to treatment of contiguous areas.

In the research, the duration of the treatment depends upon the area being treated, desired therapeutic goals, and patient tolerance. Which often is guided by changes occurring to tissue during massage application. If those massage is performed before other treatments, and duration may be determined by the result needed in order to optimize the next treatment step. Duration of a massage therapy program can range from 1 week to months and depends upon verifiable therapeutic goals.Those Patients must be reexamined from time to time, depending upon diagnosis and therapeutic goals, to insure satisfactory progress.

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