While self massage is a technique that enables people to ease the aches and pains in their muscles as a supplement or replacement for professional massage treatment, it is great when the budget is a bit stretched or people have an immediate pain that needs to be addressed for the personal comfort. Whilst it does not necessarily give people the same range of benefits that a professional massage can provide, this is an excellent maintenance strategy for the wellbeing. When people are performing self massage, there are a number of techniques that they can use to ease muscle tension and relieve pain.

Normally, massage to the affected area is a simple way to start. Those people should be able to find their pressure points with a little bit of trial and error. People will know when they have hit the spot as they will feel tension release in the surrounding muscles and start to experience some relief immediately. If it is highly sensitive to the temperature or touch, then it may be best to leave it, or it is better to have a professional take a look, as the area may be injured or inflamed and massage will potentially aggravate it more. As a general rule people should feel relief and potentially mild discomfort but not pain.

Those people have an injury should application of ice after exercise and should form an important part of their recovery routine. This application also will helps them to elevate the affected area. While Ice can effectively reduce swelling and protect the injured tissue. If your house do not have an ice pack then it is recommended to use frozen peas or corn. They are malleable so people can easily mold them into shape and, similarly to heat, it is best to wrap them in a towel. People would typically apply the ice for around 10 to 20 minutes.

Usually a towel, belt or strap can directly assist them in gaining a deeper stretch in the right areas. If people are particularly tense or simply not very flexible, it can help to use these implements to help them to reach for their limbs and stretch properly. It is better to do this than force a stretch that the muscle is not capable of or not stretching properly. This is a useful method with both legs and arms to help relieve tension.

So when a particular area of the body is extremely tense, the muscles can become locked up making it difficult to massage. Here the heat is a useful way of relaxing the muscles in those tense areas, particularly hard to reach places such as the neck, lower back and shoulders. The heat also relaxes people mentally and can be a lovely way to wind down before going to sleep. When people use a heat pack should always make sure it is not so hot that it is uncomfortable by wrapping it in a towel or blanket. Most of the people typically apply heat for around 10 to 20 minutes to ensure their muscles have been adequately relaxed and tension is reduced.

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