Now this those Massage therapy is very beneficial for all ages. and I have had many senior citizen clients who have had heart surgeries (even an artificial heart!) and with asthma or other breathing problems. We have been privileged to serve clients in their 90′s.

Every of the massage therapist is very different. It will ask friends and relatives for their recommendations. If someone you know has been happy with their therapist, there is a good chance you will be, too.

What does massage do?
Massage boosts your immune system. That means that regular massage will help improve your health. By “regular” it could be every week or every few weeks or even once a month.

If you have trouble breathing or asthma, having massage on the muscles in your back and the front of your chest and shoulders will help relax the muscles that have become tight from difficulty breathing.

Massage feels good. It helps your muscles normalize. Massage acts as exercise (but you don’t get the the aerobic benefits, of course.)

You may wish to have a general all-over massage because that improves circulation all over your body. Your therapist could also focus on areas where you have aches and pains.

There are many types of massage and a good massage therapist will ask you questions about your health and any health problems before they begin to treat you. You can tell your therapist how much pressure you prefer. You can also let them know where you would like them to work.

Have a conversation with your therapist. He or she wants you to feel better.