A sprain is stretching and or tearing of ligaments.The most common is an inversion sprain where the ankle turns over so the sole of the foot faces inwards, damaging the ligaments on the outside of the ankle.

Treatment of a Sprained Ankle :
As you know, treatment of a sprained ankle can be separated into immediate first aid and longer term rehabilitation and strengthening.

To Immediate First Aid for a sprained ankle:

4way to aim for reducing the swelling as soon as possible:

For the word “R” is for rest. It is very important to rest the injury to reduce pain and prevent further damage.

For the word “I” is for cold therapy or ICE.For applying ice and compression can ease the pain, reduce bleeding (initially) , reduce swelling and encourage blood flow . Immediately following injury for 15 minutes. Repeat this every 2 hours.

For the word “C” is for compression – This for reduces bleeding and helps to reduce swelling. A Lousiana wrap bandaging technique is excellent for providing support and compression to a recently injured ankle.

For the word “E” is for Elevation – Uses the gravity to reduce bleeding and swelling by allowing fluids to flow away from the site of injury. So put your feet up and get someone else to wait on you.

To following the initial painful stage, there are other treatments that can help the ankle return to normal as soon as possible. You have to range of motion exercises such as ankle circles,it can help to get the ankle moving again, as well as reducing swelling if performed with the leg elevated and the calf muscles often tighten up to protect the joint following a sprained ankle, and so gently stretching the calf muscles can also help to maintain movement at the joint.

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