Now this recently some of pregnant mums have it easy. and some have others have to go through many hours of labour.

And i very sure that after the delivery process, many are just plain tired. In addition, having to breastfeed and nurse a newborn several times a night can be exhausting.

Those new mum today doesn’t have much time to rest and relax during her confinement period at home and she needs to get back to work pretty quickly and that means, facing added pressure to lose weight so that she can fit back to her office wear.

The Post-natal massage therapy may just be the solution to her needs. Here are 6 top benefits of post-natal massage therapy:

1. Relieves aches on shoulders or neck

2. Hasten the reduction of fluid retention

3. Relaxation

4. Stress Relief

5. Help uterus to shrink to original size

6. Reduce cellulite and help to tone up the body.

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