The Benefits of On-Site Massage
1) To relief of stress
While,On-site massage is an energizing massage, and also will relaxes the muscles and soothes the spirit. Those Workers surveyed by Time magazine preferred massage over coffee breaks!

2) Increased morale and productivity.
When the Fortune magazine featured the best 100 companies to work for in America, they will directly emphasized the corporate perks such as massage therapy. Those benefits were shown to empower workers and positively affect the success of the business.

3) Massage will frees the body, and to enhances emotional and reduces the damaging effects of stress.

Massage will help to relieve muscle spasm,headaches,reduce blood pressure ,pain,backaches and improve circulation

4) Massage is to increases brain power and sharpens the senses.

The Miami Research Institute of Florida reported that office workers who were massaged will completed a math test more quickly and with fewer errors!

5) Massage will opens the mind and increases alertness.

When Massage it can clears thinking and releases the individual’s innate creativity. “A 15 minute massage increases alertness and performance,” reports Dr. Tiffany Fields in Life magazine’s eight page cover story on massage.

How those Corporate Massage Therapy Works?

* Actually on-site massage is will done in 10-20 minute sessions and is done through the clothing, aiming at the shoulders, neck, arms, and back.

* And the therapist will bring a specially designed massage chair, relaxation music and any other supplies needed.

* Well, the appointments are booked in advance. The company will usually provide a sign-up sheet and send out a memo to the associates.

* So Employees may have an option of signing up for one session or two for a longer massage.

* It is advantageous to send a weekly email to remind associates of their massage appointments and if any openings are available.

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