Aromatherapy is body and skin care treatments which use essential oils to make you feel calm, relaxed, or energized. Aromatherapy oils work with your sense of smell; you can inhale them, bathe in them or be massaged in them.

Most of the oils used are good for:

• uplifts and brighten the mood,

• Promotes mental clarity

• Clear away dead cells.

• They also have a stimulate circulation

• Stimulates lymphatic drainage

• Clears respiratory system.

Aromatherapy Massage is familiar form of bodywork is known as aromatherapy massage, and has become quite a popular massage practice in today’s hectic world.

Aromatherapy Massage is primarily slow, gentle, rhythmic movements. This massage technique helps muscles melt into deep relaxation, de-stresses the body, mind and spirit; relaxes the brain.

Aromatherapy massage helps your skin to absorb warmed essential oils; these oils improve the effectiveness of the massage in treating specific physical problems.

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