He was 28 then. Today, the 37 years old runs Tim Bodycare Training Centre, a pioneer in massage trainings located in Petaling Jaya. Low said it was the determination to repay his parents, who had given him a sound education, that made him seriously think about a career change.

Despite the potentially bright future with the telecom company, he has not regretted the move. The MBA degree holder from Preston University, UK can proudly say that he can now comfortably provide for his parents.

Low didn’t make the career move out of frustration or boredom but had strategically charted out a plan. Take it from him. Plan what you want to achieve within a certain time period, then work on the details. “Develop a sense of urgency, evaluate one’s performance and take the necessary actions to achieve one’s target”.

He said, people often make the mistake of jumping into something new without any proper planning. “If you’re not happy with what you do, then you must have a plan. You just can’t rush into things”.

But he refutes the age-old theory that his relatively young age and his professional exposure puts him at an advantage when making the career transition. It is known fact that anybody contemplating a career change should do so before they hit 40. On the contrary, he believes that it was because he asked himself a lot of “quality questions” early.

“I am constantly asking myself who I am at this point in time, where I want to go and who I can be”, he said.

Like successful companies which practice dynamic planning and forecasting, he also adopts the practice in his daily life. More than anything else for Low, whose childhood ambition was to be a pilot, he wanted to challenge himself.

He observed that there was a growing demand and the potential for the healthcare industry. He chose to go into Massage Therapy and Training and subsequently enrolled with the Wat Por Thai Royal School of Medicine and Massage in Bangkok, Thailand.

His rationale was, why go into computer business (where only a handful own computers), when the human body also breaks down.

“You also have to look at what the market wants and position yourself”, said the young entrepreneur.

His advice for those who want to make the transition: “Give yourself a chance and never give up on yourself. God never gave up on you, so why

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