What can massage help?
– It can bolsters immune function
– It can reduce or prevent edma
– It can decreases nausea
– It can reduces fatigue that affects many patients with cancer
– It may increase survival of skin during radiation therapy

Increased Natural Killer Cells:
-As you know that massage can actually reducing anxiety and depression and improved immune function, including increased natural killer cell number in women with breast cancer.3

-While women whom diagnosed with breast cancer received massage therapy, which can increasing their dopamine levels, natural-killer cells, and lymphocytes.4

-Those massage given to hospitalized patients with ovarian cancer, who were undergoing chemotherapy. Patients who received massage indicated reductions in anxiety, depression, and pain.5

-Those children with leukemia were provided daily massages by their parents. After a month, depressed mood decreased in the children’s parents, and the children’s white blood cell and neutrophil counts increased.6

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