Massage could just very well be the most luxurious gift to give to your loved one this Valentines Day, especially if it’s coming from your own two hands.

The benefits of massage seem endless: relaxing, sensual, allows you to connect with your mate at a much deeper level, paves way for more pleasurable experiences, and more.
Besides flowers, chocolate or diamonds, ultimately it’s YOU they want for Valentine’s Day. Perhaps the real value of learning how to give an amazing massage is that’s it’s a gift that only gets better over the years to come.
To help get you started with massage, here are a few tips to giving an amazing massage.
1) Speed – For a Valentines massage, the speed of your massage should be slow and lingering. One unique way is to try pace your partners breathing rate and massage at the same rhythm as their breathing.

2) Depth of Touch – Pressure is one of the main differences between good and amazing. Certainly start off light and gradually increase the pressure. Always pay attention to the subtle clues that a person will give you as to the pressure.

3) Being Consistent – Consistency with your speed, massage strokes and your pressure will help to create a better sense of trust.

4) Being Here Now – Paying attention to what you’re doing and being FULLY PRESENT is critical when giving a great massage.

5) Setting up the environment – Soft music, pleasant aromatherapy, candles, soft lighting, warm temperatures, maybe a fire, all help to set the mood.

6) A few good massage techniques – Massage is an natural thing. It’s one of the oldest healing art forms. But we’ve been able to figure some things out over the centuries. Learning a few key massage techniques will kick up your massage skills.

Are you ready to start prepare your hands for magic touch?

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