Massage can be pretty relaxing therefore if you wish to save your pocket from huge expenses prepare a home spa session for your partner. Use essential oils, candles as well as other ingredients to make it soothing and relaxing.

A little preparation can keep you from needing new sheets or, worst case scenario; can prevent a particularly embarrassing visit from the fire department. So what should you have on hand before you get romantic? For the checklist, just read more.


  • Clean towels — A must. There should be at least one towel underneath your boo, preferably two spread out so that if they roll over, you don’t get a bed full of massage oil.
  • Massage oil — Some people like to give massages without oil, but honestly, it’s just not the same, and definitely not as sexy. Get this one before the day of, and if you’re not sure what scents your significant other likes, pick something natural and pleasing like apricot or almond oil.
  • Candles — They’re great for creating atmosphere, and overhead lighting isn’t as romantic.
  • CD player with romantic music — Massage engages all of the senses, so a soft, romantic soundtrack takes things to the next level and makes you look like the caring, thoughtful date you are.

Have you ready to prepareyour hands for pamper your life’s partner with a healing and magic touch?

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