When a couple first start dating sex is fun, new and exciting. In the first few months, couples seem to have lots of passionate and unexpected sex. Over time as a couple settle into a relationship, the sex usually dwindles down into a routine therefore the passion of unexpected sex dwindles too. Every relationship requires work and couples should set some special time for each other to keep their relationship strong and stable.

Whether you’re a man or a woman wanting to spice up your relationship, you don’t need to go very far into a complex education on sex techniques and positions. I’m not saying these are bad and you shouldn’t use them but, you would be surprised of the amazing benefits massage techniques can giving your partner romantics touch.

There are several ways massage techniques can do these things.

  • First as I just mentioned it fulfills a deep human.
  • Second, helps you bond your partner sometimes the best communication is through touch with out words.
  • Another major benefit from massage techniques is of course stress reduction. Stress is one of the major reasons for problems with intimacy. When a person is stressed for long periods of time it becomes an unconscious practice, and it’s hard to realize that you’re living in survival mode. During this time all other functions of your body are shut down to a certain extent, including libido. So stress relief should be a major priority for you and your partner and using the proper massage techniques are powerful way to do that.

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