Your partner doesn’t look much interested on having sexual relations?

It is certainly a problem. So most men think that having a powerful and prolonged erection is their duty, it might be confusing and frustrating not feeling excited in front of a woman and her attributes.

In that case, being the woman, you shouldn’t take it on the bad way and, for instance, ask him “what’s wrong? Don’t you like me anymore?” Think that he will be very sensate and probably thought about it time long enough.

Have you think this problem only because of emotional (afraid from loosing your love, stressful life due to the job, anguish, confusion,…).??

Remember, communication and human touch between you and your partner is highly important.

Massage is a great way to relax and heal the body and mind. Giving a massage to your partner is a gift that can relieve tension, demonstrate how much you care, and lead to greater intimacy and even sex.

Have you ready to prepare your hands for magic touch?

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