If you have ever received a therapeutic massage, you already know the benefits of massage therapy for your body and for your mind. When most people come to me to receive a massage they mention wanting relaxation of tight, sore muscles. In addition, clients always mention wanting stress relief.

The most common ‘tight muscle’ request is massage for back pain and massage for neck and shoulder pain. I get requests for other areas too. However neck, shoulder and back massage are my most common requests from clients. Massage therapists are skilled at helping muscles relax and release using many different types of massage therapy.

Yet what most people are not aware of is there is the heart this muscle is severely affected (like other muscles) by stress, pain, repetitive use, emotional disturbance.

Your heart is a huge muscle in your body. It gets sore and tight too from being stressed out and always on the go. In fact the heart muscle is very much connected to the link between our mind and body. Just think about how your heart feels when you are stressed out.

There can be a pinching feeling there, or a binding feeling, or a clenched feeling. When the heart muscle is tight it limits blood flow to the rest of body which can result in lower energy levels, fatigue, pain, and soreness.

The heart cannot be physical touched or massaged in the same way the shoulder muscles can. However the heart is deeply affected and benefits greatly from massage therapy. The heart just like other muscles in our body relaxes in synergy with our other muscles as they relax too.

Massage therapists know that massaging away tightness and pain always helps with stress relief, because there is a link between pain relief and stress relief.

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