Who does not love a good foot massage! Done right, it’s one of the great pleasures of life. It is also very therapeutic according to reflexology school of thought. A foot massage when done right is one of the great pleasures of life.

Reflexology can relieve stress; promote well-being and healing by applying pressure on specific areas of hands and feet. By applying pressure, a reflex action occurs through the nervous system of the corresponding organs and glands by releasing the movement and energy flow.

For someone who does not know how to do a foot massage, remember this, you must also do the sides and top of foot to get the best results. You’ll want to stimulate all organs of the body.

Foot reflexology treatment

If a massage manual does not appeal to you then you get a foot massage. One good thing about a foot massage is that it does not tire you can use it as long as you need. Your body will be more relaxed and happy that you did.

Gentle pressure and massage on the feet is a wonderful gift to give someone. I hope that your efforts are returned to nature to you.

A foot massage done right can really give someone a sense of well-being.

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