Do everything you can to protect your gall bladder. Along those lines, one of the most important things you need to do is physically massage your internal organs through body movement. A lot of people are surprised to hear this, but your internal organs need to be massaged just like your muscles and skin.

Massage therapy is something that I recommend everyone pursue to enhance his or her health. Massage moves lymph fluid around the body. It stimulates the skin.

It even stimulates the brain indirectly and helps create a stimulating relaxation response in virtually everyone. The internal organs need this same massage and the very best way to massage these internal organs, such as the gall bladder, is to engage in gentle body movement exercises.

Also along those lines, one of the most important things you need to do is engage in breathing therapy because conscious breathing and deep breathing offers an outstanding massage to all the internal organs in your chest.

Your lungs take up a tremendous amount of space in your chest cavity, and when you inhale and really expand your lungs, you are moving the other organs in your cavity and giving them a massage at the same time. Breathing is an excellent way to oxygenate your internal organs and get some movement.

And by the way, your average conventional medicine physician isn’t going to recommend any of this — nor will he or she even believe any of it. They’ve never been taught that massage is important for internal organs.

In fact, most doctors I know don’t think massage is useful at all, which sort of just goes to show you how little they know about how the human body really works! But massage is critical. And of course, so is nutrition.

Once again, your best strategy here for your gall bladder is to avoid removing it. Instead, support gall bladder health through diet, nutrition, and physical exercise.

The worst effects are the ones you probably won’t feel, that is, impaired digestion for the rest of your life and chronic essential fatty acid deficiencies.

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