Imagine you healing and energizing after a rigorous Massage! The feeling of having a relaxed body and calm mind in itself is so soothing. Just imagine how you would feel when your body is stretched from top to bottom releasing soreness and stiffness of it.

If you also are looking to a tough kneading body massage to relax and heal your body then Tim Bodycare is one center that offers Massage in Petaling Jaya. Tim Bodycare massage offers many healing courses that help stretch your body and release the pain.

These include Full body Massage, foot reflexology and senior citizen massages that relax your body and center it with your mind through various stretches and movements.

Traditional massage, for sure, is not like any other body massage as it doesn’t include oiling but uses stretches and movements that refresh your body and improves its flexibility while relieving the pain.

It does not use any hard work as the masseur stretches your body. Tim Bodycare  also offers aroma oil body massage by highly experienced and well-mannered therapists.

It is very important to disclose your health history to your massage therapists so that they understand your requirements and suggest you the most suitable option for you.


Hop in to Tim Bodycare to enjoy a courteous massage! For more information visit our website @ or call 03-7960 0018/0193323038