Medical massage is generally practiced in relation to a specific goal focused on improving health of patients.

Medical massage is helpful to individuals who suffer from a variety of health conditions, including repetitive motion injuries, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, muscle spasms, neuromuscular conditions, , chronic headaches, stroke and soft-tissue injuries as well.

According to an article written by Certified Senior Instructor, Boris Prilutsky”… Medical Massage has been clinically and scientifically shown to bring about a vasodilartory effect that significantly reduces cardiac work.”

Additionally, medical massage increases blood supply to skeletal muscles and other body components. Furthermore, medical massage is also evidenced to stimulate the nervous system as well. Overall, medical massage is a calm therapy that produces beneficial health results to those experiencing numerous health-related illnesses and injuries.

The therapeutic qualities of massages are synonymous to most people with relaxation, luxury, healing, and relief. Because of this, many people think of massages as only an activity meant only for vacations and special occasions. New Yorkers are known to lead hectic and stress inducing lives all year round and significantly more than people in other parts of the country.

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