How do you know when the right time to jump from employment to massage therapist practice is?

So many people ask themselves this question a lot frequently. Massage therapists enjoy  enjoyed the benefits of employment at a variety of venues and their work schedule is not fixed and they enjoy unlimited working hours.

When and how do you know you are ready to make the leap?

It is a question that is not easily answered but one has to address some key points to consider before making any moves.

It seems desirable and in this day and age when any employment situation feels less than secure, being a therapist has an advantage of self-sufficiency and security.

Look before you take a Leap: Questions to Consider

1.         Are you a self-starter?

2.         How are your multi-tasking skills?

3.         How is your health? When you don’t work, you don’t make money. It is all on you. If you find you are a sickly person, either physically or emotionally and need lots of downtime to recover and heal.

The bottom line is that I cannot tell you when to make the leap from employment to being a therapist.  Every situation is different and it depends on your priorities and most of the people work in this field to gain experience, earn more money and to help their families with massage treatments.

Act now, to reap double income, get experience and offer a healing touch to your family.

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