Did you know massage can help you shape body susequently after birth?

In the Malaysian culture, women in village societies resume normal activities almost 30-60 after they gave birth. To get back into shape quickly, these women conduct a number of natural techniques such as: traditional massage, abdominal binding, herbal treatments, diets, and steaming of the perinea region.

All these methods can help the new mother to regain her strength, heal faster, and ease her way in subsequent births stated by Elaine Stillerman, LMT on  Mother Massage.

Massage is a sensuous, relaxing and loving treatment that has the added bonus of being especially for you. It is one form of “medicine” most people delight in taking! Post-pregnancy massage is a wonderful way to reduce stress and promote general well-being.

While you are pregnant, your body is undergoing stress due to changes. Massage pleasantly and effectively eliminates many of the adverse effects of stress and accompanying discomforts. It can stimulates glandular secretions, stabilizing your hormonal levels and making their side effects less severe.

Besides, it increases in general circulation offers a rise of blood to all areas of your body. This brings greater nutrition to the tissues of the body and enhances waste product removal.

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