Everyone dreams of enjoying a long leave without the financial burden. Asri Farid, a graduate of Tim BodcyareTraining Centre found that his massage skills helped him stay longer in Europe during his recent holiday. He has been learning foot reflexology and earns a good income around RM8,000 per week during his travel.
“Europe backpacking plans usually last about a month” said Tim Low, founder of Tim Bodycare Training Centre. “For a 34 year old like me this is one of life’s many adventures that not many can afford.”

With his massage business blooming, Tim is eager to show fellow graduates that there are so much more massage skills can offer other than the extra income. “If I massage people for an hour in Europe, I may earn RM520 and I only need to massage people for four hours to recover my flight ticket expenses.”
Most entrepreneurs would find that a blossoming business needs a lot of hard work and dedication, which cut down on leisure time. This is not the case for Tim Low and his fellow graduates. In fact, international students from 26 different countries have come to learn massage therapy in Tim Bodycare and managed to find employment in their home country.
The centre offers international Standard ISO 9001:2000 Massage Certifications for students around the world. Also, it has engineered its massage courses to meet Ministry of Entrepreneur and Corporate Development (MECD) requirement and is a member of MSCT under the Ministry of Health (MOH).

Tim teaches acupuncture, aromatherapy and foot reflexology and has helped Malaysians from all walks of life to benefit from this knowledge. Now , Tim is focused on creating awareness and exposure among Europeans with skills such as acupressure and reflexology massages.
Massage is now enjoying greater acceptance as alternative health therapy. More people are seeking massage for stress relief and management of pain. Call now to discover career / business opportunities as a professional massage therapist.

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