Many people think that the goal of massage therapy is just to perform a series of mechanical movements using their hands in a particular routine

  • The first should be to find and get rid of any tension that exists in the muscles when they are not being used. This can be termed Residual Muscular Tension.
  • The second goal which is actually interrelated to the first is to find any blockages in the meridians, or subtle energy channels and to unblock those blockages or stagnant channels.

These two goals have been the most important aspects of massage since the dawn of massage therapy and it is very important that these are not forgotten otherwise students may not “see the forest for the trees”.

So, if we establish that getting rid of muscular tension and opening up the subtle energy channels is the goal of massage, then massage training should focus on these areas.

The training should focus on things such as how tension in the body is interrelated. For example, many people get a tight area behind their shoulder blades. But did that tightness come purely from the movement of their shoulders?

No, generally it came from the use of their hands or the posture of the person. So if we are to release the tight spot behind the shoulder blades we may need to work somewhere on the hand before we release the shoulders.

Doesn’t it feel great to undergo a therapy where the person is well knowledgeable about what they are doing? TimBodycare practice massage therapy in a way that they do not injure both the masseur and the client.

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