Massage therapy at the time of pregnancy lends support to physiologic, structural and emotional well being of the expectant mother and her fetus. At the time of pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes stressful and uncomfortable conditions due to hormonal changes. Massage during pregnancy helps to reduce stress and discomfort, enhances the function of muscles and joints, and helps to improve circulation and general physical and mental well being. It is found that regular pregnancy massage makes the mothers more relaxed and the fetus better nourished. Miami School of Medicine (2004).

How is pregnancy massage given?

The pregnant mother is asked to lie in a semi-reclining position or on her belly by the use of specially designed effective pillows. Bellies are accommodated by a deep center cutout in the pillow so that mothers-to-be are relaxed and comfortable. A deep massage that may cause pain is not recommended. Normally gentle massage strokes are performed over the back and the entire body of the mother. The massage therapist communicates with the mother-to-be and determines the proper pressure for massage.

It is advised that the person performing the massage should have short, trim and smooth nails and it is recommended to use an unscented lotion since most pregnant mothers develop a strong dislike to strong smell.

Benefits of massage during pregnancy

A study conducted by Dr.Tiffany Field at the University Of Miami School Of Medicine indicates that pregnancy massage helps to reduce stress hormones in the body. Most pregnant mothers feel good about having a massage therapy as ‘touch’ becomes vital to a mother’s physical and emotional and psychological well being.

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